ZB-MCY05 Coefficient of friction tester

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ZB-MCY05 Coefficient of friction tester

(Summary description)Introduction 

It is applicable in testing the static and kinetic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet. designed according to the standard ISO 8295. 

Main features 

1. Micro-computer controls 

2. Perfect LCD can show the parameters, results and curve clearly 

3. Test the kinetic and static coefficients of friction at the same time 

4. Quick start options for tests according to different standards like ISO 8295 and ASTM D1894 

5. Supported by professional software, print single or group results.

6. Equipped with 

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It is applicable in testing the static and kinetic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet. designed according to the standard ISO 8295.

Main features

1. Micro-computer controls

2. Perfect LCD can show the parameters, results and curve clearly

3. Test the kinetic and static coefficients of friction at the same time

4. Quick start options for tests according to different standards like ISO 8295 and ASTM D1894

5. Supported by professional software, print single or group results.

6. Equipped with 

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