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FD-G1 Portable moisture meter

Key words: high precision instrument


Paper testing instrument

Packing&Printing Tester

Product Description


FD-G1 Portable moisture meter with high-performance can measure moisture of paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, cartons, pulp and other materials . It is an ideal instrument for Papermaking, printing, packaging and testing industry.

Main characters

1.The application of Japan's advanced sensors, adopted high-frequency principle, accurate measurement of cardboard, paper, corrugated boxes and other moisture. Can be measured on the reel can also be measured on a stack of paper in the paper moisture.
2.A wide range of measurement: applies to all types of paper products.
3.Portable : small size, easy to carry, suitable for spot use.
4.Non-destructive testing: the abolition of acupuncture treatment, just lightly touch the paper surface of the probe, which can show the paper moisture content, and will not damage the paper.
5. Intuitive and convenient: to determine quickly and directly to the digital display.
6.Quick and easy: Set the type of correction to ensure the equipment for all types of paper, an accurate determination of moisture content.

Main technical parameters

Power supply

                9V battery(6F22)

Testing range




Temperature compensation

-10oC~ +100oC


3½LCDLCD display

Display parameters

7 kind



Net weight



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