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ZB-HD Digital paper thickness tester

Key words: high precision instrument


Paper testing instrument

Product Description

ZB-HD Digital paper thickness tester


ZB-HD Digital paper thickness testeris a special instrument for measuring the thickness of paper and paperboard. It adopts high-precision displacement sensor and has the unique tightness calculation function. It has the advantages of advanced technology, complete functions, reliable performance, simple operation and so on.

Main features

1. High precision

Use high - precision sensor to make the resolution up to 0.001mm.

2. Good stability

3. Easy to use and operate

Large-screen color touch screen display, user-friendly man-machine interface operation, fully automatic test, with test data statistics processing function, micro printer output.

4. Convenient measurement

The calculation function of compactness can be realized by placing quantification in parameter setting.

Main technical parameters

Measuring range


Division value


Indication error

±0.0025mm or ±0.5%

Indication variability

≤0.0025mm or ≤0.5%

Measuring parallelism


Touching area


Touching diameter(φ16±0.5) mm

Touching pressure


Down speed


Dimension(length * width * height)

400*360*520 mm


About 25kg


ISO 534 paper and board - a method for the determination of thickness and lamination tightness or single layer tightness

GB/T 451.3 Measurement of paper and board thickness

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