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ZB-DL150 Drop test machine

Key words: high precision instrument


Packing&Printing Tester

Carton & Corrugated board Tester

Product Description


The instrument is mainly applied in modeling the falling impact influence of packages in transportation. It is used to identify the impact endurance of transportation and dropping.

Main technical parameters

Power supply

AC380V/ 50Hz

Display method


Drop height

300~1500 mm

Single-wing area (W×L)

210*150 mm

Drop Panel area (W×L)

1000×1700 mm

Specimen max. size (L×W×H)

1000×800×1000 mm

Specimen max. weight

100 Kg

Control test dimension (L×W×H)

800×800×1000 mm

Height adjustment

Motor transmission

Outside dimension (L×W×H)

1700×1200×2827 mm

Net weight

600 Kg


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