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ZB-A Brightness Color Tester

Key words: high precision instrument


Paper testing instrument

Packing&Printing Tester

Whiteness & color tester series

Product Description


ZB-A brightness color tester is the professional instrument to test the object of the whiteness,yellowness,chromatic aberration,opacity,transparency,light scattering coefficient,optical absorption coefficient,and ink absorption value.It is widely applied in paper, cardboard,textile, painting ,chemical building materials, plastic , cement ,food, salt, ceramics cosmetic etc.

The specific is the following:

1. Measure the color of object , report diffuse reflectance factor Rx, Ry, Rz;stimulus value X10, Y10, Z10;chromaticity coordinate x10, y10, z10;lightness L*;chrominance a*, b*;chromaticity C*ab;hue angle h*ab;dominant
wavelength λd, excited purity Pe, color difference ΔE*ab, lightness difference ΔL*, chromaticity difference ΔC*ab, hue difference ΔH*ab, Hunter system L, a,b.

2.Measure ISO(R457)and Rz

3. Measure CIE (W10 and Tw10)

4.Measure ceramic’s whiteness

5.Measure the whiteness of building materials and non-metallic mineral products

6.Measure Yellowness YI

7. Measure Hunter whiteness

8.Measure opacity op

9. Measure transparency T

10. Measure light scattering coefficient S

11. Measure optical absorption coefficient A

12.Measure ink absorption value


ISO 2469  ISO 2470  ISO 2471  ISO 9416  ISO 11475  GB/T 7973  GB/T 7974  GB/T 7975  GB/T 2679  GB/T 1543  GB/T 10339  GB/T 12911  GB/T 22880  GB/T 24288  GB/T 3979  GB/T 2913  GB/T 13025.2  GB/T 5950  GB/T 8424.1  GB/T 8424.2  GB/T 8424.3  GB/T 9338  GB/T 9984.5  GB/T 13173.14  GB/T 13835.7  GB/T 4739  GB/T 6688  GB/T 11186  GB/T 11942  GB/T 22427.6  QB/T 1503  QB/T 2789  HG/T 3862

Main features

1.Has excellent appearance and compact structure ,and advanced circuit design can ensure accurate and stable measurement data.

2.Simulate D65 illuminator to illuminate. Adopted CIE 1964 supplementary standard colorimetric  system and CIE 1976 (L*a*b) color space and color difference formula.

3.Adopted d/o illuminating--geometrical viewing conditions.Diameter of the globe of diffusion is 150mm and diameter of the testing hole is 30mm.Light absorber is provide to eliminate the effect of mirror reflection.

4.Adopted large-screen high resolution LCD modules.English display and prompt steps can show the results of measurement and statistics. Good human-machine interface makes the instrument easy to operate.

5.Added the printer and used the imported Thermal Printer , no need to use ink and colored tape, no noise and fast speed.

6.Equipped with RS232 interface ,can communicate with the computer software

7.Has power-off protection, Correct data would not lose

8.can store 9 reference samples( sample or data)

Main technical parameters


220V±10% 50HZ


chromaticity coordinate is 0.0001 others are 0.01


≤0.1 within 30min


Rx Ry and Rz  s≤0.01chromaticity coordinate s≤0.0010,.R457 s≤0.10

Sample size

diameter ≥30mm       thickness≤ 40mm



Net Weight



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