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ZB-BYD ECT(PAT) sample cutter

Key words: high precision instrument


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Product Description

ZB-BYD ECT(PAT) sample cutter

1.  Application
The sampler cuts the samples needed in ECT(PAT) Sample Cutter for corrugated 
cardboard. It is able to cut samples in required size quickly and precisely. And 
it is also an ideal auxiliary testing apparatus for production of corrugated 
cardboard and carton, research or quality and monitor and control department.
2.  Executive standards
QB/T 1671: General technical conditions: Paper and cardboard physical 
performance test special die cutting sample instrument.
3.  Main technical specification
(1)    Sampling size: 25mm×100mm (side compressive sample)
                25mm×80mm (adhesion sample)
(2)    Sampling size error: ±0.5mm

(3)   Maximum sampling length:220mm 

(4)   Maximum sampling thickness:18mm

(5)  Size: 430mm×380mm×200mm

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