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ZB-YDJ100 Hydraulic pulp beating freeness tester

Key words: high precision instrument


Paper testing instrument

Product Description


ZB-YDJ100 hydraulic pulp beating freeness testeris a specific instrument used to measure the rate of water diluting pulp suspension . According to international general Schopper-Riegler working principle design. Apparatus adopts cylinder structure, through hydraulic pressure to control , regulating the rising velocity which makes equipment operation simple.Besides apparatus adopts spring preload institutions makes the rubber sealing ring seal hammer body combining with the bottom of the ShuiTong filter, increasing seal hammer body's sealing


ISO 5267-1  GB/T 3332

Main technical parameters

1.Measurement range :(1~100)°SR

2.Sealed  testing speed:100±10 mm/s

3. Draining time for the outgate:(149±1)s

4. Residual volume: (7.5~~8)ml

Size and Weight


Net weight: 40kg

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