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ZB-QNPY30 Toilet paper ball burst tester

Key words: high precision instrument


Toilet paper & sanitary material Tester

Product Description

ZB-QNPY30 Toilet paper ball burst tester

Toilet paper ball burst tester is a special instrument for determining the mechanical penetration of toilet paper (spherical burst) and breaking index.

Main feature

1.Servo motor, small noise and accurate control

2.Use a color screen to display the data in real time

3.Within the range of 0-30n, the accuracy can reach 0.01 N and resolution 0.01 N

4.Direct measurement results, including average, anti-burst index, standard deviation and coefficient of variation

5.High degree of automation: data processing and motion control can be performed, automatic reset, overload protection

6.Data communication: the instrument has standard serial RS232 interface, which can provide data communication for the comprehensive report system of the computer

7.Standard manual fixture

Main technical parameter

Power supply:AC220V±10% 50HZ 5A

Measure range:0 ~ 30N

Test accuracy:0.01 N

Resolution:0.01 N

Test speed:125 mm/min (standard), 1 ~ 400mm/min (adjustable)

Depth:25 mm

Instrument size (length * width * height) mm:450 x 550 x 1200


ISO/FDIS 12625-9:2014 Tissue paper and Tissue products - Part 9: Determination of ball burst strength (test hole diameter: 50mm)

GB/T 24328.7-2009 toilet paper and part 7 of its products: determination of ball resistance

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