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ZB-BJ30 Pneumatic sanitary napkin peel strength tester

Key words: high precision instrument


Toilet paper & sanitary material Tester

Product Description

ZB-BJ30 Pneumatic sanitary napkin peel strength tester

The peel strength tester is mainly used to determine the adhesion strength between the back glue and cotton fabric of sanitary napkin and pad.

Main feature

1.Servo motor, small noise and accurate control

2.Equipped with pneumatic clamping mechanism, equipped with foot switch, convenient operation

3.Use a color screen to display the data in real time

4.The parameter setting is simple and the test is convenient and reliable

5.Direct measurement results, including mean and standard deviation

6.High degree of automation: data processing and motion control can be performed, automatic reset, overload protection

7.Data communication: the instrument has standard serial RS232 interface, which can provide data communication for the comprehensive report system of the computer

8.The air compressor is configured by the user.

Technical parameter

Power supply:AC220V ±10% 50HZ 2A

Measure range:0 ~ 30N

Resolution 0.01 N

Accuracy of the display value:±1%

Test speed:(400±10)mm/min

The sample width:80mm

Weight of weight:62mm x 80mm,500g

Stripping distance:60 mm

Work pressure:0.3 ~ 0.5mpa


GB/T 8939-2018 sanitary napkin (pad)

ISO 1924 Determination of tensile strength of paper and board

GB/T12914 Paper and board tensile strength measurement

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