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ZB-L Vertial tensile tester

Key words: high precision instrument


Paper testing instrument

Packing&Printing Tester

Tensile testing series

Product Description


ZB-L Vertical computer control tensile tester adopted the vertical ,many pillars structure.Clamp distance can be adjusted within the specified scope.,the machine has the power-off protection and can diagnose's used to test the tensile force, tensile strength, fracture length, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, 180 °peel strength ,tensile energy absorption index of paper ,paperboard,plastic film,and other nonmetal material.


ISO1924  GB/T12914

Main features

(1)Adopt imported motor, low noise, control precisely.

(2)Large LED english menu display.It can show the tensile time and strength and print tensile curve.

(3) When the range is 0~30N, the accuracy is 0.01N, the distinguishability is 0.01N.It is special instrument for toilet paper

(4)Get the result directly including average, standard deviation, coefficient of variation

(5)Test directly for the normal size.Besides can also adjusted by the needs.,set the suitable tensile speed, change the sample's length and width.

(6)High automation with the advanced parts,has the function of testing message processing data and motion control,besides it can reset automatically ,remember data,and protect and diagnose error

(7)Equipped with RS232 interface and can connect with computer

(8) According to the customer's need ,equipped with different ergographs to measure,

not only used in paper's measurement, but also in other materials' measurement.

(9)Multifunction ,flexible setting:mainly used to test the paper,can also to be used to test other materials by changing the settings

Main technical parameters

Power Supply

AC220V±10% 50HZ

Measuring range

0~30N(Tissue paper) /0~100N/0~300N/0~500N/0~1000N



Tensile velocity

1~399mm/min (Can be adjusted )

Return velocity

1~399 mm/min(Can be adjusted )

Sample length

Can be adjusted within 0~200 mm 

Sample width



450*550*120 mm




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