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ZB-SL Elmendorf electronic tearing tester

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Paper testing instrument

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Product Description

ZB-SL Electronic tearing tester


ZB-SL Electronic tearing tester is a special instrument to measure the tearing degree of is mainly used to measure the tearing degree of various kinds of can also be used to measure the tearing degree of lower strength is an ideal testing equipment for paper making, packaging, quality testing institutions and other departments.


1. High accuracy

High precision sensor is adopted to make the resolution force up to 0.1mn and ensure the accuracy error within ±1%.This instrument has the highest precision in China, and can be used by the user to check the tearing degree.

2. Good stability

With the weight, it can be easily calibrated at any time. The built-in pendulum shaft friction compensation device reduces the impact of friction on the test, making the results more accurate and stable.

3, easy to use, easy to operate

Large screen color touch screen display, friendly man-machine interface operation, automatic completion of testing, test data statistics processing function, micro printer output.Automatic pendulum release control and results of automatic memory and display, reduce human error, not only easy to operate, but also make the results stable and correct.

4. Easy to measure and calibrate

The instrument is equipped with a special calibration weight and built-in calibration procedure, which is convenient for measurement and calibration departments (third parties) to calibrate the instrument.During the calibration, enter the calibration test program, screw the calibration weight into the calibration screw hole, and the calibration error calibration can be easily carried out.

Technical parameters

Measuring range

(0~16000)mN, in which the measuring range of rependulum (800~8000)mN, and the measuring range of weighted pendulum (1600~16000)mN



Accuracy of indication

Indicating error ±1%, indicating variability ≤1%

Tearing arm


Tearing angle


Distance between paper clips


Sample notch length


Thickness of the clamping


The two grippers are 15mm deep and 25mm wide respectively




About 20kg



ISO1974    Paper - determination of tear strength (Elmendorf method)

GB455.1    Paper tear determination method

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