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ZB-CW16 Vertical fluter

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Paper testing instrument

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Product Description

ZB-CW16  Vertical Fluter
To determinate of flat crush strength of corrugated paper when pressed standard waveform, ISO7263-1985
To determinate of flat crush strength of corrugated paper when pressed standard waveform (i.e., from the flute corrugated base paper), comply with standard: ISO7263-1985: corrugating medium –Determination of flat crush resistance after laboratory fluting.
Main technical parameters:
Working speed: 4.5r/min
Temperature display resolution: 1 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.5 grade ± 1 word Adjustable temperature range: room temperature ~ 200 °C W orking pressure adjustable range: (49 ~ 108) N
Standard working temperature: 175 °C
Spring tension: 100N
Dimensions (length * width * height): About 564mm*377mm*330mm
Power Supply: AC220V, 50Hz
Instrument using single-chip microprocessor control technology, Precision temperature controller accurate temperature adjustment,
Automatic temperature compensation mode with PID control, fast response, high steady precision,
Digital display actual temperature and set temperature,
With over-temperature protection device,
Set parameters memory automatically after power failure
With parameter self-tuning function, Precision gear transmission, Standard Buttons sensitive durable,
Flute corrugated paper from the automatic mode

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