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ZB-MC20 Ink Rub Tester

Key words: high precision instrument


Packing&Printing Tester

Product Description

ZB-MC20 Ink rub tester

ZB-MC20 Ink rub tester is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of printing ink layer, photosensitive layer and surface coating of related products.Friction test can be used for dry wear test, wet wear test, decolorization test, paper blur test and special friction test.This printing ink decolorization tester can effectively analyze the problems such as poor rubbing resistance, poor adhesion, peeling of ink layer, decolorization of ink, low printing resistance of PS version and poor coating hardness of other products.

Main features

1. Large color touch screen is adopted

2. Various friction speeds are optional

3. The ascending and descending sequence of counting times of friction is optional

4. The friction number can be set between 1 and 999999

5. The machine will stop automatically after the test

6. Power failure memory function can be set

7. compact mechanism, beautiful appearance, easy maintenance

Main technical parameters


AC220V±10%   50HZ   2A

Frequency set


Rubing speed

Standard 43±2 times /min, optional (21, 85 and 106) times /min

Rubing load

GB:20 N ;ASTM:0.9kg(2LB)

Rubing stroke



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